My Ogam Fascination

I just bought this book today as I want to possibly create my own Ogam staves to do readings with. I’m sure the author takes some liberties with the historical basis of these symbols (can’t seem to really get away from that in any book), but I am optimistic it will expand what I currently know of this ancient form of writing.

The “viking” runes are all exceedingly popular and to some degree so are the “celtic” ogam. I just feel there is so much more to know and understand about the Ogam than what is currently the standard on the market. I’m sincerely hoping I’m not disappointed!

Another thing I noticed about this book is it’s HEAVY leaning towards Celtic Reconstruction and against some of the more Neo-Pagan beliefs. I, myself have studied across the board but tend to like a more scholarly approach. Guess we shall soon see!

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