Herbal Remedy Kit for Spring Break

Last December I bought this Herbal Remedy Kit from LearningHerbs.com, to do with my 10 year old daughter, Morgan. Needless to say it was placed on top of the fridge for a minute as we forgot all about it! I remembered a couple weeks ago and decided it would be the perfect thing to do with her for Spring Break!

The first thing we made (or are making as it takes 6 weeks to fully steep in the Vodka) is an Echinacea Tincture. It’s currently hiding in a cabinet and getting shaken up once a day until it’s ready. The kit came with the labeled jar and 4 tincture bottles for this project.

Next we are in the middle of making a healing salve with Comfrey, Calendula, and Plantain. Again the kits came with the herbs, beeswax, tins, and jars.

We still have a Nettle Herbal Infusion and Elderberry Syrup to make in the next few days.

I have to say this is an amazing kit and a great educational tool for my daughter and I both!

I want to also recommend the Wild Craft game from LearningHerbs.com.

If you have a little money to spare each month, these guys have something called Herb Mentor that you can log into. It has monographs of various herbs, how to prepare them, what they do, videos to watch, and experts to talk to. I highly recommend this site for affordable herbalism education!

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