Crystal Healing Coming Soon!

Very soon I will be offering some distance Crystal Healing sessions. I am getting excited as I gather supplies, education, and information to be able to offer this to my clients. I have wanted to do this for the past 13 or so years but, working in a medical clinic, deep tissue massage took up most of my time and I let it go. With Covid-19, I stopped doing massage to stay home and take care of my high risk mother, as well as help my 9-10 year old daughter homeschool. I came to the realization that my original goal to becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist was only the license to touch so that I may use crystals in healing. I’m not letting go of my license, in fact I just renewed it! My body is just wearing out doing deep tissue work and I really want to get back to my first love, crystals!

I am currently taking courses offered by Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. I am doing their Crystal Healing Certificate Program currently, then I will move into the Advanced Crystal Practitioner Certificate Program. Alongside this I am also taking the Sacred Business Mastermind course. I really want my clients to feel secure that I know my crystals, know my stuff. I have studied this for years and years but having the certificates makes some of you more comfortable, AND it’s a good refresher for myself as well. The resources I get from the classes are great too! I haven’t yet come up with the pricing, session times, and all those details quite yet. I’m hoping by this Fall I will have something set up!

Some recent Crystal purchase I’ve made:

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