Full Moon Reading 6/24/21

Card Images and Excerpts from The Sacred Circle Tarot; a celtic pagan journey by Anna Franklin

Past Influence – Queen of Discs

“When the Queen of Discs appears in your spread, she is advising you of the importance of taking pleasure in your own body.
Your body is a sacred gift, given to you to explore the full range of experiences of the physical plane, not to be ignored, denigrated, or abused. You are unique and special. Beauty is not a matter of fitting whatever cultural stereotype is popular at the moment, but is a quality that shines from within.
We live in the material world, interacting with it and with other people; this is natural and good. We are driven to overcome the separateness of the ego or “little self” by having relationships with others. Physical contact nourishes the psyche and is important for physical, mental, and spiritual health. Do not be afraid to touch and hug your partner, your children, or your friends.
The appearance of the Queen of Discs in your spread may indicate that a woman will become important in your life. She is strong and independent, practical, and very fond of good food, clothes, possessions, and pleasure. The Queen is ambitious, she admires success and social position and covets them for herself. Security is important to her; she has her feet firmly on the ground and acts responsibly and with much practical wisdom. She can be a good friend when it suits her, but she is capable of using others for her own ends.”

Present Situation – Queen of Wands

“The fire of the Queen of Wands nourishes and sustains as it inspires. Hers is the illumination of faith and vision that comes from within and that cannot be dimmed or extinguished by external sources. But just as the hearth fire needs to be fed, so does the flame of the spirit. This card calls on you to sustain your vision and nurture your spirit. It is time to develop the qualities of independence, creativity, and warmth.
The influence of the Queen of Wands may make itself felt in your life in the form of an actual woman. She is friendly and warm, but forthright and even a bit bossy. With the Queen, what you see is what you get. She is completely open and straightforward and detests people who employ subtleties and tricks to get what they want. Women who flutter their eyelashes and pretend helplessness earn her contempt. The Queen of Wands will tackle anything. Her home is always warm and welcoming and she rules it with a tireless energy and practical skill. Those whom she takes to her heart will find her a loyal and loving friend who provides both a strong shoulder to cry on and practical help in a crisis. Her strength does not derive from the perceptions or needs of others; she is completely independent, her will is strong, she is sure of who and what she is and arranges her world with a sure touch. She can be passionate, impulsive, and quick-tempered, though her rages never last long and she is incapable of holding a grudge. The Queen of Wands may be a successful career woman, as she is imaginative and creative, or she may focus her many talents on her home and children.”

Possible Future Outcome – Knight of Wands

“The Knight of Wands represents the volatile and changeable nature of the element of fire. He calls on you to invoke the fire within. Where is your sense of adventure? Perhaps you lost it somewhere along the way? It is time to find it again. The world is full of new experiences, places to see and people to meet. Now you need to stretch and challenge yourself; you are on the threshold of exciting times. The Knight heralds a time of action, perhaps a sudden journey or a change of residence.
As with the other court cards, the Knight of Wands can represent a real person who influences a change in your life. He is an extrovert, brimming with restless energy. He loves a challenge and is virtually fearless, thriving on the stimulation of danger and risk. The Knight is intelligent, witty, charming, and humorous. His ideals are very high, he is a philosopher and a seeker after truth, he is incapable of lying. He hates any kind of unfairness or oppression and is often something of a rebel. The Knight is a warm, generous, loveable character who makes a wise and loyal friend, though his temper is quick to flare up if he thinks anyone is abusing his generosity. His temper is quite short-lived, however, and you would have to do something pretty bad or unjust to make an enemy of him, but if you do his is formidable. Be warned that the Knight of Wands is a free spirit and hates to be tied down. Romantically, he is a difficult proposition. Responsibility is not a word he likes. He needs the constant stimulation of new experiences, new horizons, and new ideas – settling down does not appeal to him.”

My interpretation…

All other meanings aside, independence is the theme of this reading. Learning to take pleasure in yourself, learning to take inspiration from within, learning to go on adventures again. None of it is saying you need to do this on your own. Relationships can nurture all of these things. In your past you learned that being without touch an physical interaction was damaging to your health. With the events of the past year, physical interaction was very limited. Now things have changed somewhat and you find that hugging a friend you haven’t seen in a while makes you both feel good about life again. Now you are nurturing your spirit and your faith is returning. It’s time to get out and do things again. Go travel, visit friends, DO SOMETHING away from home. Meet friends for lunch, go see a movie, there are many options available to us now once again!

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