Lughnasadh Reading, August 6, 2021

Excerpts are from Ogam: Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie. The Ogham staves are made by my other half Shane Jorgensen.

Cauldron of Warming (Physical)
Idad – Age

“Aging does not always or necessarily imply infirmity. When you are old, it means you’ve survived and endured where many others haven’t. Wine aged is wine ripened to fullness. Idad is a fid of permanence, survival, and endurance as well as lore and tradition, for tradition and culture survive beyond the physical bodies of their carriers. To me, it also carries a connotation of reincarnation, and of remembering or bringing things back from life to life as we pass from form to form. Idad links the generations, from elders to infants, over and over. It is the fid of legacy and inheritance, and an expression of what we hope to leave behind when we die.When Idad appears in a reading, it may be pointing you to older sources of information, whether stories from your elders, books of lore, or links drawn in previous lives. It challenges us to look at our past as we determine our future, and to lay foundations of wisdom for the generations to come. It can indicate the permanence or endurance of a condition or situation that you have created or that has been forming around you. There are both positive and negative implications to this, and it may be that advice is needed from others who have gone through similar situations before you.”

Cauldron of Motion (Emotional)
Uillend – Elbow

“Meanings: flexibility, change, measurement”

This is part of the forfeda (extra letters) so not a lot of information is known.

Cauldron of Wisdom (Spiritual)
Ceirt – Rag/Shrub

“The complex of meanings surrounding this fid often point to intense frustration and even self-destructive activity. When it comes up in a reading, be careful of sudden changes in fortune or capricious individuals. It’s associated with bad luck and with psychological problems, but because of its linked association with clootie trees, there can also be an element of hope to this fid. In divination it can point to a situation of poverty or illness that is temporary, or to setbacks in a person’s life or situation. Retreat rather than advance may be necessary when this fid appears, so approach the situation with caution or leave it for another time when energies and emotions are more stable and you’re in a better place to cope with what’s happening. The message of Ceirt is that there is a light in the darkness, and to have the fortitude to pursue that hope, even when it’s faint.”

World Tree (How the Cauldrons are connected)
Coll – Hazel

“When this fid is received in divination, inspiration and wisdom are at hand. Trust that you know or will find the answers you seek, and that you will be able to apply that knowledge properly and in its right place and time. The attainment may be difficult or even a long time in coming, but it already has its place in your life.Coll has links to tradition and the wisdom found in nature and from natural sources. It suggests wisdom-seeking rituals or the search for vision and imbas or poetic enlightenment. The Well of Wisdom was said to be the source of the five senses, and so Coll is a reminder of how important the uses of our senses is to our search for truth and wisdom. Use the evidence of sight and touch, of scent and taste and hearing, and trust yourself to understand them.”

Path to the Future (Outcome)
Ur – Soil

“This fid deals with issues of death and grieving, as well as the cycles of life and death, but it also deals with deaths that are more metaphorical and the passing away of circumstances or situations in life. It suggests anything that is inescapable or inevitable, anything that cannot be cheated, finessed, or gotten around.In divination, Ur may signal a death, but most often it means the end of something, or a necessary letting-go. It may be a physical object, a relationship, or a way of viewing the world. This fid suggests that the issue is ending, its energy and physical presence passing out of your life. It may advise leaving behind a difficult relationship or presage the death of a hope you have cherished.”

My Interpretation….

Aging of the body, flexibility of mind, and adversity in spirit all lead to Wisdom and this is how the three cauldrons are related to each other. Wisdom isn’t something just given arbitrarily, but through life experiences. You need the good and the bad to see all aspects of life and in turn gain wisdom. Many times life experiences can cause us to be inflexible in our thoughts but to move forward we need to allow that things aren’t always as they seem. Misfortune in the spirit cauldron can indicate you have lost your way in staying connected to your guides and spirits in your life. They have messages for you but you are shut down and refuse to listen. Instead of pushing forward, take time to replenish, meditate, and relax. Open yourself to their messages. You have the time if you only allow it. This will also give you the Wisdom to understand how you got to this situation in the first place so you may see it coming in the future and can counter it. Death in the future outcome in this case is the passing of certain situations you have found yourself in that no longer serve you, no matter how much you still wish they did. Digging a hole further down into mud only makes you stuck and unable to move forward. Let go of that shovel, allow the mud to dry, and walk on out of there. You CAN do it.

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