Last Quarter Moon Reading 9/28/21

This deck was chosen today because my Aunt’s birthday was yesterday and she absolutely loves Amy Brown artwork. Be sure to read to the end for my interpretation!

Card images and excerpts are from Fairy Wisdom Oracle by Nancy Brown.

Past Influences
Tattoo Fairy
Keyword: Labeling

“This card speaks of allowing others and yourself free expression. One person’s ‘ugh!’ may be another’s, ‘ahhh!’ Be careful of labeling others or yourself. Too often we assume if a person does this or that, then they must be a certain way. We do not give them the benefit of the doubt or the chance to show who they really are. It is very unfair to place a label on someone just because they may have a tattoo or look different. Allow yourself to see beyond appearances, to what truly is. When we label ourselves or others we are limiting possibilities. We limit our ways of expression by cramming ourselves into a mold. Be open to all that you are and can be. Allow others the same respect. Welcome the diversity of those around you. Creative expression is a very personal thing. Each being has his way of being. Beware of going along with the crowd or the latest fads. Find out who you really are and be that person. Who you are is good enough! This card also speaks of symbols. Look for symbols in your life and see how they manifest. What are they trying to tell you? Is there a symbol that has great meaning to you? So much that you wish to wear it upon your body as a tattoo or a piece of jewelry? If so, it carries a message for you to decipher. It may be considered a badge of honor.”

Present Circumstances
Keyword: Spirit Realm

“ This card represents the realm of fairies and the fairy within you. If this card comes to you, it reveals an inborn ability to tap into spirits of the mystical realm. You may find that you are enhanced with an otherworldly, magical, fairy-like quality. You may come from a long line of fairy ancestors, carrying the bloodline of these ancients. Others may notice something just a bit different about you. But do you care? No! And that is how it should be! You may see, hear and know things others do not. Administering healing energy may be your talent. There is a special twinkle in your eye…these are the eyes that can see fairies, and communicate with all the elementals. You work with the heavenly as well as the Earthly spirits. You are a gifted person…intuitive and capable of easily channeling the energies of the Universe. Remember to always use this power for the highest good. Always ask that you be guided in its use and that no one comes to harm though your ministering. Remember to keep your ego out of your spiritual work, for therein lies your downfall. Give credit where credit is due…Spirit does the work.”

Possible Future Outcome
Keyword: Choice

“Look at this card. This angelic being is bound round and round, yet her bindings are not secured. She can choose to unbind herself at any moment. Situations are not always as dire as they seem. If you have chosen this card today, understand that you must look deeper at things going on in your life. Are you seeing all the different sides of a situation? Perhaps you are feeling restricted when it is your choice to simply decide to be free. We often bind ourselves with limited belief systems and outdated thinking patterns. What habits can you change in order to release yourself from your limited thinking? Many situations are not black or white or good or bad. It’s up to you to find the middle ground in your perspective. Find the place where you can sit and see both sides. Ask for clarity and to see all facets before making up your mind. Find your pedestal where you can see your truth and release all that does not fit your chosen reality. Choose wisely what you want in your life. All of the choices we make create a vibration that affects all other life in the Universe. If one chooses wisely, it will be what is also best for others. You have much more control of your life and circumstances than you may realize.”

My interpretaton…

The overreaching theme of this reading is Freedom! Freedom to be yourself, Freedom from judging others for being themselves, and Freedom from outdated or limited belief systems. It is really easy in society to try to fit in, to not be weird or outcast. Those that dare to be outcast may be teased or bullied. It is those that tease or bully that are the outcast. They are not being true to themselves and may even be jealous of those that are. As soon as we feel our own power, our own person and quit trying to fit in someone else’s version of us, we experience a freedom. People may stare, they may talk, but who cares, we are being true to US! The same can be said about gifts we may possess too. Our history hasn’t taken too kindly to those who may have gifts of clairvoyance, healing, etc. We may try to hide that part of ourselves to avoid ridicule from non-believers. We need to embrace who we are on all levels. Your tribe will know you and accept you. If others don’t that’s on them. Don’t be afraid. Get that tattoo, dress that certain way, read your cards, heal with herbs, use your crystals, and just feel that freedom of being who you were meant to be according to the universe and your soul.

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