New Moon Reading for October 6, 2021

Card images and excerpts from the Terra Botanical Tarot Deck by Earth Tricks

Past Influences
The Lovers

“The Twin Sycamores of Sheraden were planted and cultivated as a gift from a botanist husband to his wife. These two trees were trained to form an everlasting archway over the door of their shared home. Starting out as two separate trees, they have grown together into a single trunk. Their roots intermingle in the soil below, as their branches move together in the breeze. Together, these two trees now form a single, continuous organism. Their canopy shades the grass for future generations of children to play under. Their twinned trunks protect a home of enduring love. Two individuals becoming a single, shared entity, with a common vision and purpose. In its purest form, the Lovers card represents conscious connections and meaningful relationships. It is a sense of balance and harmony, the symbolization of union in a grand and cosmic sense between two opposing forces. The Lovers signifies a deep, soul-honoring love, which can be romantic or platonic. This comes with embracing the needs and differences between two parties, allowing room for mutual growth and development, and offering enduring support through change.”

Present Circumstances
5 of Swords
(Epiphytes or air plants)

“This is unbridled ambition; a prideful, win-at-all costs approach. A rushing towards victory with reckless abandon.”

Possible Future Outcome
Page of Pentacles

“The name beech derives from the same words as “book” and “letter” in the Old English and Germanic languages. It is believed that the first bound books in Europe were written on thin slices of beech bark. Enterprising young students used to keep a piece of beech bark in their pocket to help inspire their studies, as these trees are associated with wisdom and knowledge. A stand of beech trees in the forest can block out almost all sunlight, giving their grove an almost other-worldly feel of heavily filtered green light. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that beech groves were the hiding place of fairies. Beeches produce a sweet, edible nut that provides sustenance to those willing to venture into their sacred groves. The Page of Pentacles is associated with skill development, diligence and acquiring new knowledge leading to prosperity.”

My Interpretation..

You have known love and the shared connection of meaningful relationships. You are currently striving toward something you’ve wanted without a care for those who support you or for the possible consequences. You want it so you WILL get it has been your attitude. Be careful in doing this and realize to get what you want you need to slow down, take the time to develop the skills you need to get there and pay attention to those around you. If you continue the reckless behavior, you may lose all you have currently. Those you love and who love you in return will support your ambitions, but heed their guidance and concerns going forward and add it to your knowledge base for the days ahead. You don’t want to lose them because you don’t want to take more time to get your goals realized.

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