First Quarter Moon Reading 10/12/21

Past Circumstances – Clam
Love Where You Are

Use your sensitivity to know when to act. Connect your heart to your head when determining what you would like.

Contemplate your direction and trust what you are feeling. Being present in the moments when life is not ideal is not the easiest thing to do. It may feel frustrating to patiently wait for answers or process what has transpired. You may find you are consumed by past circumstances. You may be nervous about planning your next step. Tune in to observations, awareness and heightened senses so you may move with grace and style. You are invited to be in this moment. Allow your intuition to guide you while you await your next step.
You have faced challenging situations before. The urge to avoid what is happening is strong. You have the tools and the strength to face this head on. Use the depth of love that resides within you to face what is in front of you. Allow yourself to ground if you are feeling off-balance. Be in this space and know you can move through this challenge.
Clams live in the mud and have a strong connection to the earth. If you have disengaged from your feelings, tune back into them, as they can guide you, now. Clams can siphon water and extract what they need to feel rejuvenated. Use this time to get back on track. Circumstances may not be ideal, but a clam shows you to appreciate where you are, no matter how unappealing things may be at this moment.”

Present Situation – Orca
In the Light of the Moon

A full moon can shine light on what you have been resisting. This can be anything from your fears to your soul’s beauty.

Sometimes you choose to ignore your problems or avoid them in the hopes that they will dissipate or disappear after a while. Explore the part of yourself you may have been too anxious to shine a light on. Don’t be afraid to call attention to yourself by bravely exposing your most personal truths.
The world can be stressful, with competition and deadlines. Everyone needs extra support now and then. Ask God, your angels, guardians, the Universe or other higher powers to guide you. Take a few moments and sit with your request. You may choose to pray or meditate. Asking for blessings and guidance can improve your understanding and put you into a state of clarity and serenity.
Orca whales are considered one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth. They usually travel in groups and hunt for prey at night. Orcas represent dreams, intuition, emotions and healing. This orca leaps high into the air in front of a full moon to bring your attention to issues you can no longer afford to avoid. Use the light of the moon to draw your attention to something you need to be willing to release. Balance your need to be right or strong.”

Possible Future Outcome – White-Mouth Moray Eel
Convey Your Meaning

Reflect on the way you communicate with others and with yourself. Be sure to express your thoughts and feelings from your heart and with respect and sincerity.

Good communication is a necessary aspect of all healthy relationships. Take an opportunity to objectively observe how you communicate. Remember to always incorporate respect and receptivity when speaking to yourself and to others. If you are being too hard on yourself, tone it down. If you need to be more honest, know that everyone involved will benefit from receiving the truth of how you are feeling. Love yourself more and see what you can achieve with a new approach.
Remember, your goals and aspirations are unique to you. When you are communicating, others may not share your views. Talk about what is necessary for you and inquire what the person you are conversing with requires or needs. This open sharing can help establish a solid base for an exchange of ideas.
The white-mouth moray eel is a fish that has a long sleep body that resembles a snake. The white-mouth moray eel is quite shy, despite its strong appearance, preferring to spend most of its time concealed inside crevices and alcoves. Their strong jaws seem to open and close as if they are trying to talk to you. Allow yourself the opportunity to clarify what you are trying to get across to someone else. Realize that you may not be clearly explaining what you mean.”

My interpretation…

You’ve been dealing with things in your life that you really want to avoid or turn away from. As you’ve been facing this challenge, you are also needing to delve deep within yourself and do some shadow work. Make sure you are asking for help on a spiritual plane. At the same time, if you need help on the physical one, make sure you convey it to those in your life. This reading is showing a lot of avoidance temptation. The way forward is through these things as there will be better days ahead, though it doesn’t seem like it now. If you’ve never been one to pray to higher powers, now might be the time to start. Meditate on your prayers and pay attention to the guidance that will come your way. You may hear it, see it, feel it, only you know how they may try to communicate with you. If you feel like you are getting nothing, take time out to relax, maybe take a soothing bath, drink some chamomile tea, etc. Get your mind out of the race it’s been in and then try again to open up to your guides. It’s very difficult to ask for help both in a spiritual way and in a physical way. You don’t want to burden others. Be honest with those around you and communicate your needs right now. Those who love you will understand and support you any way they can.

Card images and excerpts from Whispers of the Ocean Oracle Cards by Angela Hartfield

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