Last Quarter Moon Reading 10/28/21

Strengths in your favor at this point in your life:
The Singer of Transfiguration

“Transformation. Transcendence. Metamorphosis.

Jackpot! This card in a reading signifies the joy of success after a time of struggle. A new way of life has been accepted and is being integrated. A sense of inner peace is growing. The struggle has all been worth it. This is a time of consolidation and joy, and is both a reward for past achievements and at time of preparation for the next climb up the path.”

What blessings do you carry in your heart at this time and how are these aligned with your soul:
The Pook

“Shape-changer. Good in bad; bad in good. Paradox. Resolution.

It is time for the resolution of seeming contradictions and paradoxes in the situation. Someone or some part of the situation is cloaked in confusion, and our muddled thoughts must be stripped away, revealing truth. We just need to think about it; the information we needed is now available to us. And as soon as we have that burst of insight and get it, it’s time for us to make changes based on our newly clear understanding.
Alternatively, it may be time for us to make a reality check on the good/bad labels we put on things. Make a list of the ‘good’ (possibly even surprising things) about this situation, and another list about the ‘bad’ ones. If you are not in the habit of seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good, having preferred a black-and-white world rather than one with colors, you may need some help in learning to do this well.”

The Challenge:
The Soul Shrinker

“Cruelty. Malice. Gossip. Curses. Destruction. Blessing.

Critical and malicious thoughts and words are having a detrimental effect on the situation and the people involved in it. Steps need to be taken to banish this curse energy through love and compassion – or at the very least, through forgiveness and a refusal to accept the curse into oneself. Understanding the implications of this and transforming the behavior and feelings involved is a major and often very difficult step in human spiritual development.
One of the things usually involved here is taking responsibility for ourselves and our own feelings rather than blaming others for the way we are. Another part of this process is to learn to be compassionate toward ourselves. If we can do that, it is much easier not to be horrible to and about others.
This doesn’t mean we are supposed to be all sweetness and light all the time. Constructive criticism, given compassionately, is a part of being real – and reality is a good thing to be in touch with.”

My Interpretation…

There is a large message of clarity, insight, transformations and seeing through what’s right in front of you in this reading. It’s always a challenge to be compassionate toward yourself. Many of us tend to project our feelings about ourselves onto others. What you have in your favor though, is the ability to see the good in the bad and the bad in the good. To truly sit back an analyze what is going on so that you may prepare for your way ahead. There will always be some struggle about how we feel about ourselves, but taking the time to think first, act later will help us attain that inner peace and joyful feelings. Be open to living a new way of life and realize all your struggles have gotten you to this point. If we never learn from our pasts, we never move forward to new things. We repeat the past over and over. Let that go. I’ve said it before. If it feels heavy, it’s not for you. If it feels light, you are on your life’s path forward!

Card Images and Excerpts from The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth

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