Super New Moon Reading 11/4/21

The power of a New Moon is resetting your intentions and goals. Being a Super New Moon means these energies are very powerful at this time!
I chose a gothic deck for this reading because we just left All Hallow’s Eve and Astronomical Samhain is approaching on November 6th. It was an in-between time. A time for the spooky!

Past Influences:
Five of Pentacles

“I glide through, this, your world, a phantom from a forgotten age. And I see you all, afflicted with the same troubles and burdens, which we naively thought were ours alone. Be strong, they are like me, fleeting.”

Present Circumstances:
Four of Cups

“My apathy overflows as I lie and wait within this darkness. These centuries have only aided me to focus on events that are but shadows and dust.”

Possible Future Outcome:
Ten of Pentacles

“In this dark sepulchre I sit and gloat, at all my worldly goods laid along my once supple carapace. And here I shall stay in the permanence of my tomb, happy and content at the knowledge that they once thought me grand!”

My interpretation…

As is typical with Gothic decks, they come at things without the rose colored glasses that other decks might have. To get a total interpretation of each card, one would need to get a more in depth book on Tarot suits and meanings.. This deck gives you a small paragraph and you have to go from there. In the nature of this deck, I will refrain from the typical meanings of these cards and just go with the phrases given.

In the recent past you suffered from some sort of difficulties but they eventually resolved themselves. Presently you are looking back on these things with apathy and aren’t moving forward. Things are finished, it’s time to move on. Let go of the past. The future looks to be more fruitful and rewarding if you do.

Pretty succinct, much like the phrases with each card!

Images and Excerpts from Gothic Tarot by Anne Stokes

Next Reading is Saturday, November 6th for Samhain using the Elder Futhark Runes (to connect with ancestors). Of all my casting stones or staves, the Elder Futhark are the only ones that tie into the world of our ancestors most directly. I look forward to this reading!

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