Thanksgiving (Waning Gibbous Moon) Reading 11/25/21

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving for it’s historic purpose, but to merely give thanks to all the good in our lives and for good relationships with family and friends.
The Waning Gibbous Moon is about release, detachment and reflection. Keep that in mind when you read this casting.

Lot cup, Vagina

“Uncertain meaning, a secret matter, a mystery, hidden things and occult abilities. Initiation, knowledge of one’s destiny, knowledge of future matters, determining the future or your path. Pertaining to things feminine, feminine mysteries including female fertility, and vagina. Good lot, fellowship and joy. Evolutionary change.”

Water, or a leek

“Flow, water, sea, a fertility source, the healing power of renewal. Life energy and organic growth. Imagination and psychic matters. Dreams, fantasies, mysteries, the unknown, the hidden, the deep, the underworld. Success in travel or acquisition, but with the possibility of loss.”


“Joy, comfort, pleasure. Fellowship, harmony, prosperity. Ecstasy, glory, spiritual reward, but also the possibility of going ‘over the top’. If restrained, the meaning is general success and recognition of worth.”

My interpretation…

As is typical with the Elder Futhark runes, they are pretty self explanatory. I do see joy and hidden things repeated throughout the reading, leaving some mystery as to what they are referencing. Initiation, Psychic matters and Joy stand out the most.
Enjoy your family time today, good lot, fellowship, and joy. Trust your intuition, but enjoy the time you have and the good in your life!

Source of printed papers –

Next reading will be on Saturday, Nov 27th for the Last Quarter Moon, using an Oracle deck. It’s also the birthday of my adorable cousin who turns 3 so I might find a deck that reminds me of her. Stay tuned!

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