Last Quarter Moon Reading 11/27/21

Today I picked this deck as it’s my cousin’s 3rd Birthday today and she absolutely loves flowers. Happy Birthday Ellie!
The Last Quarter Moon is all about self discovery, independence, and empathy. Remember that when you read through this Oracle card pull.

Also pulled a Hypersthene stone from the pouch for this reading.

Hypersthene Crystal

“Spiritual Aspect: Balance
Soul/Subconscious: Accentuates personality, character and abilities
Mental Aspect: Helps differentiate between inspiration and illusion and to attempt great deeds
Physical Aspect: Helps with signs of constriction, degeneration or wear and tear.”

Borrowed from Healing Crystals by Michael Geinger

Honesty (Lunaria annua)

“Your wishes and hopes can be illuminated and transformed with the help of the full moon.”

Anemone coronaria
Luck & Protection

“You are an integral part of the great cycle of life. You are here to protect the Earth and all Her Beings as She protects you.”

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum)

“Look beneath what you think, see and know; perhaps you will discover something new and unexpected.”

My Interpretation…

The last full moon was a special occasion with a Lunar Eclipse involved and amplifying the energies. Perhaps you took advantage of that time to work on manifesting your hopes and dreams, or at least gave some thoughts to them during that time. Since then you may have also been doing things, small or large, to protect animals or plants around you. Maybe you spooked that bird so the neighbor cat couldn’t catch it, maybe you took a tender perennial and placed it in a protected place so that the frost wouldn’t kill it, maybe you sent out prayers for loved ones in crisis. You have been actively helping life around you in some way. As you go forward, let go of predisposed trains of thought. Look at things from a different perspective and open yourself up for the possibility it may not be as you think it is. Your hopes and dreams may just manifest with a different perspective. The good you do in the world only helps your mindset with positive feelings. Feeling light means you’re on the right path, heaviness means you’ve veered off that path and need to come back. You know what to do. Follow your instincts! Hypersthene is a beautiful black crystal with a rose colored silver sheen to it. It will help you on your path forward by showing you what is inspiration and what is illusion. It will give you the balance you need spiritually in knowing when you might need to take a break and when to move ahead.

Card Images and Excerpts from Alchemy Flower Oracle by Ingrid Koivukangas

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