Super New Moon Reading 12/3/21

I picked this deck because of a recent beach trip. It’s new to me and what a perfect time to do a reading from it.
New moons are about New Beginnings, Opportunities, Positive Changes so keep that in mind when you read this card pull.

What one thing needs your attention now?
Eight of Swords

“It is time to stop your excuses and move beyond your perceived limitations. Growth means digging deeper, finding new ways to solve current problems, and knowing when to be still, seemingly taking no action at all. What seems like a weakness is actually your biggest asset in this particular circumstance. Use it to your advantage and advance.”

Where is your focus best spent in regards to this one thing?
Two of Swords

“There are two sides to your current dilemma, each one wanting time and space to argue its case. The question is: Can you release your need to be right and open a non-judgmental space for these two ideas, thoughts, and options to plead their case? Take a lesson from our friends in this card, sparring can be useful. It can move energy, strengthen muscles you never knew you had and build strength and confidence. All very good qualities to have when making a decision.”

How does this one thing help you with your current problem or situation?
Page of Wands

“The Page of Wands is asking you to honor and respect your creative gifts, for it is where your true power lies. Hold these gifts carefully yet with authority. Take your time and understand that failing is all part of the process. This little page says that practice makes perfect, so try and try again.”

My interpretation…

Moving beyond your perceived limitations is something that needs your attention now. Your focus needs to be on opening your mind to your options and see all sides of all options before making a decision. You don’t need to be right, just evaluate without the ego. You do this and it will most likely open up creative avenues you didn’t know existed. You may fail, but keep at it until you get it right!

Card images and excerpts from The Mermaid Tarot by Leeza Robertson

Next reading will be an Oracle reading for the First Quarter Moon on December 10th.

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