First Quarter Moon Reading 12/10/21

I chose this deck because it is a great transitional deck between Samhain and Yule.

The First Quarter Moon is about Communication, Relationships, and Life Challenges. Keep that in mind when you read this card pull.

This is leaving you
Mother Earth

“You can expect peace, harmony, and happiness at home. If you already have it, learn to let it support and comfort you more than you currently do. This is a place where you can and should draw strength. If you don’t already enjoy this blessing, you are probably noticing the lack of it and desire a change. Whatever the challenges or difficulties you faced in the past, the time is here to do what you can to create a better, more nurturing home life. You have the wisdom and ability. The universe is open to it. You are like Mother Earth: you can create the home life you desire.”

This is here now
Dark Queen

“The good news is that the answer and understanding you seek can be found. The bad news is that you want to understand something that may be best left a mystery. Consider letting it go. If you persist, your prayers will be heard, and you will find the answer. As befits a gift from the Dark Queen, it will be like a double-edged sword: it will cut through your confusion, but it will also hurt. As also befits the Dark Queen’s nature, the answer will be veiled and hidden. You will have to find it. Be alert for signs; seek in the quiet corners of your soul. Or maybe you’ll change your mind and be content not to know.”

This is coming toward you
Crimson Moon

“Whatever you’ve been through, however much it has hurt, no matter how long and dark this time of loss and pain has been, you can know that it is nearly over. You are coming to terms with what has happened. It no longer cuts you harshly to think of it. You’ve taken that pain into your soul, and you’ve grown from it. You are starting to find the courage to go on. You are feeling the stirrings of the passion for life. You need only to look, and you will see the gift of hope that the universe is offering you. Then you will be ready to start a renewed phase in your life.

My interpretation…

The word Divorce or Separation is coming to mind with this reading. Your peace, happiness and harmony of your home life is leaving you. You are trying to understand what happened and risk a lot of pain in finding out. Is it worth it to know? Maybe not, maybe just take heart that this period of darkness in your life is nearly over. You will find the courage to go on, to move on. You are heading to a new phase of your life. Embrace it.

Card images and excerpts are from the Enchanted Oracle by Barbara Moore

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