Full Long Nights Moon Reading 12/18/21

I chose the Hidden Realm tarot deck because it feels like Autumn. We aren’t quite to the Winter Solstice and where I live, there isn’t snow on the ground except in higher elevations. In fact it’s supposed to be 52 degrees here today!

The Full Moon is about Intuition, Fulfillment, and Completion. Keep that in mind when you read this card pull.

Page of Cups

“This card represents someone who is fascinated by emotions and relationships. She is likely discovering a new level of intimacy in her life, either with someone else or with something dear to her, such as an artistic or creative project. All her energy and focus are there. She may seem lost in her own world, which, given her new discovery, is understandable. If you are able to draw her attention away, she will likely be eager to share her discovery with openness and enthusiasm.”

King of Pentacles

“This card represents someone who is practical enough to have created a comfortable life for himself. He understands and appreciates the finer things in life. He also has a generous and tender heart, and is willing to welcome others to share his hearth and table. His years of experience have taught him to combine generosity with common sense. He will certainly share his meal with you, but while enjoying the fine repast, he will help you make a plan to make sure your own larder is always full. He shares what he has, both physical resources and knowledge. No one leaves his home hungry. No one leaves without the hope of securing their own future.”

The Moon

“The Moon is a complicated card and indicates that the situation you are doing the reading about is not simple. There may not be a clear, black-and-white answer but only a frustrating lack of concrete facts. By the light of the moon, shades of gray fade into each other, causing you to question what is actually there. Is it a monster or a treasure? Will you find your dearest hope or your greatest fear? When lost in the night, waiting until morning can be helpful. But until then, you’re spending time with your monsters and your dreams. Both tell you something about yourself and give you answers. While the situation may be confusing to the conscious mind, you might be surprised that these encounters in the dark help you see your unconscious desires very clearly. Once you tap into that wisdom, knots become unraveled and riddles are solved.”

My Interpretation…

This reading has a Father/Daughter feel to it. The daughter discovering something new they are passionate about and the Father guiding them to be successful in their life. The future is a bit more obscure. You are being directed to spend some time in the night. Discover your unconscious desires. Face fears and dream dreams. Don’t go into it expecting clear answers right away though. The night is full of obscurity. Once you sleep on it, however, your dreams may make sense of the obscurity and you will wake with a clarity you didn’t have before. I’m sure many of us have had that happen in the past. Go to bed mulling over a problem only to wake with a clearer understanding in the morning.
I wish whoever needs this message the best of luck!

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