Winter Solstice Reading 12/21/21

I chose this deck because it has a more elven feel, elves like in Lord of the Rings. Seemed appropriate for the season. The tarot spread is one I got from Myna’s Moon as I wanted a very Yule specific one.

Yule is a time of rest and renewal. Of going inwards and working within. It is also a time of family and gatherings. Keep that in mind when reading this card pull.

I placed my interpretation after the quotations of each card.

Night: What does the darkness reveal about me?
7 of Wands

“An unequal struggle if you are fighting against invisible beings. Adversity.”

The darkness reveals you are going through adversity.

Shadows: What personal shadows must I embrace?
Knight of Cups

“Kelpie is a horse of crystal clear water and, like water, it runs impetuously. The sacred fluid embraces us and protects us from lurking Evil.”

This isn’t so much a personal shadow that you must embrace but that you are protected and can go forward with your creativity and love for all things beautiful.

Reflection: What needs to be reflected upon?
4 of Swords

“Nature takes its course. The sun, source of life, turns a laggardly Troll into stone.”

Reflect on the fact that nature takes its course. The sun comes up each day. The moon rises each night. These are things you cannot control. Allow for nature to take its course in other ways in your life as well. Let go of what you cannot control.

Completion: What projects need to be completed this season?
8 of Cups

“We have made our dreams come true, but something drives us to seek new challenges.”

It would seem you have completed many projects so this card is urging you to move forward and look at new things to challenge you, new projects to take on.

Rebirth: How do I reignite my dormant passions?
9 of Cups

“We have drunk from the fountain of life and have ourselves become Life and spirit.”

You are looking at a dream come true. This can be in your relationships, job, family, etc. If you have a dream job, pursue it. If you want to start a family, now is the time. If you want to pursue a romantic interest, things are looking promising.

Feast: How will I nourish my soul this season?
3 of Wands

“A silver doe appears like a dream to Fion. It represents the objective he aims for.”

Your soul will be nourished by pursuing your objective. You have the foresight to make progress in your plans. This relates to the previous card in the act of reigniting your dormant passions you will nourish your soul as well.

My thoughts…

As is typical of most Lo Scarabeo decks, the descriptions are short and sweet and a bit vague. I love the imagery in these decks by him so I buy them anyway!! I almost grabbed a book with more detailed descriptions of the cards, but decided against it. This deck was made with these simpler descriptions so I should go with them.

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