Last Quarter Moon Reading 12/26/21

I chose this oracle deck today because we got our first snow of the season overnight!

The Last Quarter Moon is about Self Discovery, Independence, and Empathy. Keep that in mind when reading this card pull.

The Heart of the Issue:
Element: Earth
Word of Power: clypeus (Latin: ‘shield’)

“You are loved and protected in your endeavors. Know yourself. Taking silent time is good for your mental health. Retreating after periods of extreme hard work is a positive. Be embraced by nature.”

The Challenge:
Element: Earth
Word of Power: magnetis (Greek)

“Know your values and needs so you are more aware of what your true attractions are. Do not run with the herd. Notice what or who you attract: is this your intent? There is always nemesis (opposite) energy to any endeavor you might take; this should not bother you as it is a natural law.”

The Solution:
Element: all elements
Word of Power: atomos (Greek: ‘undivided’)

“Everything is connected by the same building blocks of matter. You are electric and vibrating in motion; being stagnant in your beliefs and growth is unnatural. Building and changing is natural. There is room for infinite variety.”

My interpretation…

The heart of the issue is that you need to take some time to yourself and you might be feeling guilty about doing so. You feel like so many things count on you being involved that you can’t take the time out necessary for your own mental health. The challenge is in what you attract to yourself. Maybe you are attracting people or things that require so much of your time, and maybe you need to say no and move away from these, at least for now. The solution is in knowing that everything is connected. Maybe you are a healer and those attracted to you are those who need help healing, not realizing they can do so on their own at times. The easy way out is in relying on you to help them instead of helping themselves. Maybe set the intention that you want to take the time out to take care of you. Maybe you will attract those who will be supportive of this, giving you new kinds of people to connect with. There is nothing wrong with changing yourself or changing what happens in your life. It can be a great source of inspiration and creativity.

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