Letting Go

I am going to sell a couple of my Tarot decks. They just don’t speak to me in the way I want them to anymore. Now I hope to pass them on to my friends!

This was my very first Tarot Deck ever! I did many readings with it over the years. As you can see, the cards are still in great shape and the book has some minor wear and tear (mostly from not being in a box anymore). I’m only asking $10 plus shipping for this set. Click image to enlarge.

This set is fairly new and only has had a couple readings done from it. I have other mermaid decks that just speak to me more. I’m asking $17 plus shipping for this one. Click to enlarge.

Email me for info on how to pay and to make shipping arrangements.

Thank you for supporting me on my journeys with the readings and healings!

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