New Years Waning Crescent Moon Reading 1/1/22

The Waning Crescent Moon is about Self Expression, Emotional Release, and Retreat. Keep that in mind for this casting.


“Shielding, control, strong hold, calms irritation and hyperactivity, protects against loss of control, helps withdraw, for conscious perception and dissolution of personal patterns”


“Wound healing, helps forgiveness, promotes mutual understanding. “


“Progress, engagement, promotes striving for improvement of one’s situation in life, helps pursue aims with determination, and to fight for them if necessary.”

My interpretation…

There was some withdrawal in your past that’s led to the need for emotional wound healing, healing your heart. At the same time you’ve come to some mutual understanding with someone you care very deeply for. This will lead to improving your life situation, so much so, that you can pursue goals with determination and get where you want to be in life. You’ve got this!

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