Super New Moon Reading 1/2/22

Today is a Super New Moon causing King Tides along the Pacific Coast so I chose the Oceanic Tarot for this reading. Yes this is the same deck I have for sale. I wanted to showcase it today as well.

The New Moon represents New Beginnings, Opportunities, and Positive Changes. Keep that in mind for this card pull.

King of Wands


“This King is an action man, which makes him an engaging companion and an inspiring leader. Self-motivated, he is entrepreneurial, dynamic, and open-minded. You will know what he is thinking, as his feelings always show. Travel may be important to him, and he is connected to many people with backgrounds different from his own.
Explore your passions and look to unconventional people and new places.”

Three of Pentacles


“It’s time for acknowledgement as your work receives positive attention. Whether making a speech, organizing an event, or demonstrating your skill to others, your success is public rather than private. On the home front, this Three can show that now is the time to make your home presentable so you can sell it, or to renovate or redecorate your property. Whatever you do now, you can take pride in, and your work will have a lasting effect.
Show off your work and be proud of your achievements. Further success is on the cards.”

Three of Swords


“This Three is the heartbreak card of the tarot, but thankfully it is a minor arcana card, signifying a transient event that you will process and heal from. It often arises to reveal relationship break-ups, affairs, and disappointment. The positive of this card is that at least you know exactly where you stand; you see the truth. This Three can also signify stress symptoms, such as anxiety and fear.
Feel the pain and see the truth of the matter. This situation has happened for a reason.”

My Interpretation…

In the past you’ve explored your passions and met new people, maybe been to new places even. This has also led you to be successful in your achievements, as following your heart usually does. You will continue to be successful, but your relationship may take a hit as well. What served you before may not be serving you now and might be holding you back and causing resentments to fester. You may not realize this is happening, but your partner is feeling the separation, possibly finding someone else to be there for them. The best thing to do now is to let go before more painful damage is done the two of you. You will find the right person in the right time who will help you continue forward without holding you back. I should say they will find you when you lease expect it.

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