First Quarter Moon 3/10/22

Healing News

Well, I completed the 14 credits of Continuing Education for my Medical Assistant Certification on Monday. Refreshed my brain on drawing blood, HIV/Aids, Viral Hemorragic Fevers, Staph Infections, Thyroid Disorders, and high blood calcium levels and the harm it does. All in one day and my brain felt like mush afterwards. No reason to let that certification go though, even if I’m not currently using it. Had it since November of 2007!

I don’t get political as we can never truly know what is going on in any conflict or issue. I also know there are many tragedies happening in the world that the media hasn’t really report on. I do suppose it would be depressing to see it all without plenty of good to offset it. Here is my little bit of good to offset it.

A Crystal Grid I made to help with the troubles in the world. Blue Kyanite and Bronzite for Bravery, Citrine for Courage, Larvikite for Inner Strength and Mental Stability, Angelite for Peace, and Rose Quartz for Love.

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Intuitive Guidance

I do these readings so the person they are meant to be for can see them. They may not be for everyone.

First Quarter Moon Reading 3/10/22

Mother Earth. Learning. Teacher

You are invited to a deeper connection with Mother Earth through Diopside. She can assist you with identifying trauma and opening you up to nurturing and love. Fluorite can help with mental clarity during times of emotional confusion and open you up to new knowledge. It also enhances your memory and decision making. Shattuckite assists you in getting in touch with your inner teacher’s wisdom.
There is a lot going on with Mother Earth supporting you as you tap into that teacher and learn more about yourself and how to get past old traumas.

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Card images from Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman

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