New Moon 4/30/22

Relaxing Nature Sounds

I made a couple more creek sound videos while I was in the woods. The sounds and smells just made me want to curl up on the bank and take a nap!

Healing Crystal Grid

Center is the Ogham Stave for the Hazel tree, Coll. Hazel represents Wisdom. The attainment of knowledge and the wisdom to use it properly. True judgement and discernment. Surrounding it is Chevron Amethyst representing Wisdom and Awakening. Smokey Quartz is next representing Grounding and Ancient Wisdom. Moss Agate is for getting in touch with nature and Manifestation. Clear Quartz is for Mental Clarity and Amplification of the energies in this grid.

Intuitive Guidance

Because Arbor Day was this week, I decided to use the Celtic Tree Oracle by Liz and Colin Murray for the New Moon Reading.

Don’t persist in a negative viewpoint, trying to cling to your old ways and facing difficulty with resentment and stubbornness, you will only damage yourself in the end. Try to recognize a new direction or opportunity as it emerges from the chaos and work with it. Become secure and strong in your pursuits. The Oak Ogham represents primeval strength and the ability to overcome and survive. The Grove gathers together for your journey all the knowledge hidden in the trees. It holds comprehension of all that you already know or are capable of learning. Confidence in your path is the overall message in this reading.

Next Blog will be for Beltane, Thursday, May 5th.
See you then!

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