Beltane Musings

What is Beltane?

In the days of the ancient Celtic peoples, they celebrated Beltane (“bright fire”) as the beginning of the light half of the year, basically the summer season. It’s the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Many folks just make it easy and honor it on May 1st. This year, the true midpoint falls on May 5th at 5:25am. It was a fire festival full of bonfires and days of feasting and drinking.

I like to look at it a different way than the scholars of Celtic days gone by. I like to look at it from a more “scientific ” or “cyclical” point of view. The World around us is full of concentric circles of time that actually correlate to each other from a macro to a micro scale. Think of the universe’s similarity to the neural network in our brains or to the tiny atoms with their nuclei and electron cloud.

If we compare the Spring Equinox to the First Quarter moon and the Summer Solstice to the Full Moon, that makes Beltane the Waxing Gibbous moon time. This “phase” or “cycle” actually lasts from the day after the Spring Equinox to the day before the Summer Solstice. We may acknowledge the midpoint, but technically the season energies last for much longer.

To see what Beltane stands for, please visit the Moon & Seasonal Info page to help put things into perspective. Also note this is a Waxing Crescent Moon day as well.

Crystal Grid for Beltane & the Waxing Crescent Moon

Center stone is a very dark Amethyst for Knowledge surrounded by Bloodstone for Manifestation and Growth. These represent the Waxing Crescent Moon. Next circle is Bronzite and Orange Calcite for Abundance. Last is Red Tiger’s Eye for Love, Lust, and Passion. These are for Beltane.

Intuitive Guidance for Beltane

This reading is with the Smoke, Ash, & Embers Tarot by Three Trees Tarot. Dragons seem appropriate for a fire festival!

You have experienced beauty, contentment and harmony fairly recently and are now concentrating on manifestation and potential outcomes. The best path to manifestation is when you’re in a good place in your life. It lends positive energy toward your goals. Just remember, these can be very taxing on you mentally and physically so take time to recuperate and recover as you move forward.

Intuitive Guidance for the Waxing Crescent Moon

Lilac and the Veined Jay Butterfly
Delight in others, but love yourself as well. Adore who you are and what you do. Use only kind words when you talk and think to yourself. Pamper yourself, take yourself out on a date, or schedule some time just for you to do something you enjoy.

Bells of Ireland and the Bicolor Commodore Butterfly
Be open to unplanned situations and experiences that may become fortuitous occasions. Being in the right place at the right time often comes from planting the seeds that led you there and being ready to seize an opportunity when it comes.

Bird of Paradise and the Common Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly
This card challenges you to determine what it means to live a majestic life and to actively go out and live it. Do the small things and the large that will bring you to magnificence, without care for what others think.

Card images from the Enchanted Blossoms Oracle by Carla Morrow.

To see what this season means for the Homestead, go to Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead for the Beltane Season post there.

Next blog will be the First Quarter Moon, the evening of May 8th (Mother’s Day)!
See you then!

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