Mother’s Day Week!

This week we have seen Star Wars Day on May 4th, Astrological midpoint of Beltane on May 5th, and now Mother’s Day on the First Quarter moon in Leo for May 8th. What a busy week astrologically and with holidays!

First Quarter Moon in Leo

First Quarter Moon is about Communication, Relationships, and Life Challenges. Add to that the energies of being in the sign of Leo. Follow the advice of the Moonology Manifestations Oracle deck by Yasmin Boland:

Manifesting mindset: “Identify and clear any blocks. Step up to receive all the goodies that life has to offer you. You have to want it.”

Tune into your manifesting powers: Place your hands on the region of “your lower belly (Sacral Chakra) and visualize yourself in a column of orange light from the highest source. Allow yourself to bathe in it. Call in the energies with these words:

Energies of the First Quarter Moon in Leo, thank you for reminding me to shine while staying humble!”

Healing Crystal Grid

This grid encompasses the loving, nurturing energy of Mother’s Day along with the energies of the First Quarter Moon.

Center stone is a heart shaped Rose Quartz for Family, Love, Nurturing. Surrounding it are Clear Quartz Points for Amplification. Next Rose Quartz again with Angelite for Communucation, Devotion, and Patience. The outer circle is Orange Calcite for Strength, Warmth, and Selflessness. The Orange Calcite is also for the Sacral Chakra for the First Quarter Moon in Leo as described above.

First Quarter Moon Oracle Reading

I’m using the Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell for this moon reading as it has a lot of feminine energy to it.

Renew the relationship with yourself. The most sacred union is the one that’s been waiting within, not just the union with another. When we return to ourselves, we also return to humanity as a whole. You’re not broken, change is our natural state. Healing is happening every moment of every day. Embrace all parts of life, the happiness to the tragic. The only way through this human experience is to embrace all parts of it. Don’t let the judgements of society ruin one of the most natural, pleasurable parts of life, sexuality and sensuality. Heal from these judgements and remember that pleasure, sensuality, sexual preference, and expression of desire can be some of the most sacred, miraculous things about being a human on Earth.

This reading is about being true to yourself and healing from the judgements placed on us from society, family, and ourselves. Let go of these things and feel liberated.

Star Wars Day & Mother’s Day Intuitive Guidance

Head on over to Facebook to my Crystal Caves Wise Woman page to see the Star Wars Day Intuitive Guidance with the Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and the Mother’s Day Intuitive Guidance with the Star Child Tarot by Danielle Noel.


In case you missed it, I did a blog post about what Beltane is and included a Healing Crystal Grid and Intuitive Guidance:

Beltane Musings

What is Beltane? I will give you a brief run-down as well as my own take on the time. I’ll also include a Crystal Grid and Intuitive Reading for this day as well!

Keep reading

Homestead News

To see what happened on the Homestead this week, head on over to Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead for the Mommy Dearest blog post!

The next blog will be for the Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse!) on the evening of May 15th!
See you then!

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