Full Flower Moon & Lunar Eclipse!

Today the Full Moon is in Scorpio while the Sun is in Taurus. It’s also Mercury Retrograde.

“Balance your ability to caress with your need to be caressed. When we’re emotionally overheated, we end up focusing on what we don’t want, rather than on what we do want. Bear this in mind now. Breathe.” ~ Moonology Manifestation Full Moon in Scorpio card.

“Be patient and trust in your process of becoming. Sink deeply into each moment, even if you find yourself in trying times. Feel your way into each forward step, always asking yourself what aligns and what doesn’t.” ~ Heavenly Bodies Astrology Taurus card.

“Mercury symbolizes your mental switchboard: how you think, communicate, and move through the world.” ~ Starcodes Astro Oracle Mercury card.

“The Retrograde cycle is truly a helpful and necessary time. It’s nothing to worry about, just something to work with… Stop the normal patterns of your life and take a break. The roots of this issue are found in the past.” ~ Starcodes Astro Oracle Retrograde card.

(Pictured are cards from: Moonology Manifestations, Heavenly Bodies Astrology, and Starcodes Astro Oracle)

Healing Crystal Grid

This grid has energies for the Full Flower Moon in Scorpio AND the Lunar Eclipse!

Center stone is Rainbow Moonstone for living in tune with the moon all year long. Chevron Amethyst surrounds it for intuition and protection. Next we have Hematite for Balance, Intuition, and Dreams. With it is Moss Agate for the Flower Full Moon. The Red Tiger’s Eye is for Achievement and for the Lunar Eclipse turning the moon red. The Clear Quartz is for Amplification, Balance, and Intuition as well. A lot of energy comes with this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse tonight!

Full Flower Moon Intuitive Guidance

The Full Flower Moon reading is using the Alchemy Flower Oracle Cards by Ingrid Koivukangas. How appropriate!

Sweet Pea – “You are loved and treasured.”

Hydrangea – “It is no accident that you are here now, at this time. You are a part of the unfolding. You are loved, you matter, you are important. Look for messages in small ways. The Earth and the world of Spirit are here to support you. You need only ask.”

Daffodil – “It is time to rejoice for there is a new spring waiting. A time of joy, of happiness, and new dreams blossoming. You are also a part of Earth and Nature’s joy. You’re not separate. You are closely related.”

I feel like there may have been some darkness, trauma or depression, and Spirit feels the need to reassure you. This reading is all about making sure you know you are loved, you matter, and you are important. There are better days ahead. Days where you will feel joy, happiness, and have dreams of a new path forward. Have HOPE! Get out and plant some flowers, walk in nature, sit under a big tree next to a stream.

Weekly/Monthly Tarot Readings

Instead of doing readings for holidays on top of the Moon/Seasonal readings, I will be doing a Tarot reading for the week ahead on Sunday nights/Monday mornings and one for the month ahead on the 1st of the month. These can be found on Facebook at Crystal Caves Wise Woman. The Oracle cards will continue to be used for the Moon/Seasonal readings as part of the blog.

Intuitive Cartomancy

I changed the Intuitive Cartomancy page and now the decks are sorted onto their own pages as a gallery instead of a slideshow. There are Nature (Fungi, Plant, Animal, etc), Culture (Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, etc), Otherworld (Fae, Mermaid, Starseed, etc), and Miscellaneous (Crystal, Science, Astrology, etc).

Tarot/Oracle Decks For Sale

If you look above to Intuitive Guidance, you will find a link for Decks for Sale. These are decks that just aren’t speaking to me anymore. They have barely been used. If you are interested in any, please message me in the form on the page or you can go to Crystal Caves Wise Woman on Facebook and send me a private message there.

Homestead Happenings

If you are interested in what’s happening on the Homestead, please head on over to the Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead website and go to the Weaning Lambs & Planting Flowers post!

Next blog will be the Last Quarter Moon, Sunday, May 22nd!
See you then!

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