Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

Talk Less, Feel More

“Manifesting mix: One of the current energies is all about feelings and the other is in it’s head. Where are you? Can you meld the two? That’s the way.”

“Manifesting mindset: Why ruin a moment with words? Sometimes feelings are enough. It’s good to talk, but it’s also good to just be.”

Card image and excerpt from Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland.
Crystals are Amazonite, Caribbean Calcite, Green Kyanite, and Ocean Jasper.

Healing Crystal Grid for the Moon Phase

Amazonite is the center stone for the sign of Pisces the moon is in. It also has the properties of Oneness and Compassion for the Last Quarter Moon. Around it we have Chevron Amethyst for the Pisces moon. Next circle is Larvikite for working with the element water and emotions. Sunset Sodalite is also a stone of the Pisces moon and allows us to see the deeper meanings around us. The outer circle has Orange Calcite for Strength and Clear Quartz for Mental Clarity for navigating the Last Quarter Moon Energies.

Intuitive Guidance for the Moon Phase

Boundaries, Trust, Divine Love

You may need to set new boundaries and get out of your comfort zone. The stone Labradorite deflects negativity and unwanted energy and acts as a barrier to energy leakage. It can help banish your fears and feelings of insecurity while moving from the known to the unknown. It’s time to trust your instincts and intuition. Know that there is always a connection between yourself and the divine that leads you towards fulfilling and enjoyable experiences. Ammonite contains ancient knowledge of the earth. It pushes your spiritual growth and development along by offering insight that allows you to see the entire picture. They bring clarity and karmic redemption. Divine love is transcendent. It’s energy is tangible and around you at all times, just be open and ready to receive it. Pink Amethyst puts emphasis on healing, patience and love and allows you to fully align with your soul’s purpose and path allowing you to accept yourself and others without judgement.

In summary: Set clear boundaries, trust your intuition and move forward without judgment or fear.

Card images from the Astral Realms Crystal Oracle by Dark Moon Crystals

Weekly Forecast with Tarot

For the week of May 23-May 29 (Waning Crescent Moon).

This week starts out with a fear of destitution, of feeling alone and without means. You may be having a money crisis such as not enough income to cover your expenses, especially in the current economic climate. Know you are supported and never alone. Look ahead this week. Focus on your next steps as you may be in the process of making a decision. Focus on what you want and make it happen. Someone may be coming into your life this week as a helper, full of practical advice and support for friends and close family. She is very nurturing and down to earth. Actions mean more to her than words. As a situation, this card shows excellent management, financial abundance and giving. You have everything you need to prosper.

Card images from The Crystal Power Tarot by Jayne Wallace.

Homestead Happenings

If you would like to see what’s been happening on the Homestead this last week, please head on over to my Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead website and view the Lambs Leaving, Chicks & Veggie Garden blog post!

Next blog post will be on the New Moon, Monday, May 30th!
See you then!

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