New Moon on Memorial Day

Pictured above: Celestite for grief. Black Moonstone and Black Moonstone Hearts for letting go of attachments and to be present in each moment. Clear Quartz for mental clarity. Rhodonite for new beginnings and goal setting, creating a positive feeling for yourself. Rainbow Moonstone helps overcome negative thought patterns.

Healing Crystal Grid

This grid is for the New Moon energies as well as a tribute to Memorial Day.

Center stone is Tiger’s Eye for Focus. Surrounding this is Apache Tear to help support Grief of losing someone. The Blue Angelite stones are for Peace, Acceptance, and Faith. The Rose Quartz is for Love, Forgiveness, and Family. Outer circle is Clear Quartz for New Beginnings, Cleansing, and Mental Clarity.

Intuitive Reading

During the New moon is the time to focus on New beginnings, opportunities, and positive changes. Keep that in mind when you read through the intuitive guidance.

“Creative and supportive elements are falling into place as needed and desired. Spiritually we must harmonize and find purpose with the creative elements and opportunities that enter our lives.”

“Authority, leadership, and official capacity is in place. Reputation tales a lifetime to build and only a moment to destroy. In a leadership role, we must rise to our highest nature. We do this for our own untainted vision and also to sustain in others a belief in nobility, honesty, and true character.”

“Successful communication and creating changes and manifesting through personal resources. What is required is turning to positive thoughts and gainful visions, turning away from negative thoughts and destructive visions. Thoughts become things, so be careful in what you focus your thoughts on because that is what you draw and manifest.”

Opportunities are coming into your life right now. Have the strength of character to be true to yourself. Good reputation and honor are what draw positive things into your life. Living your best self. Try to stay positive with your goals and manifesting them will be much easier.

I picked this deck as it is one of the only Oracle decks I own where there are warriors on some of the cards and since the DalRiada were fierce warriors that conquered Scotland, I’m sure plenty fell during battle. This makes for a good deck for Memorial Day I feel.

Card Images and excerpts from the Oracle of the Ancient Celts: The DalRiada by Raven Grimassi.

Homestead Happenings

If you’d like to see what’s going on with the sheep, chicks, and gardens, go to Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead and to the It Finally Feels Like Spring! blog post.

I took out the “Weekly Forecast” readings. It was just too hard to get everything all finished in one day without wearing me out a little! I decided to pick 13 of my favorite Tarot decks and use them for the Monthly and Yearly Forecast readings. A lot better spreading it out!
As such the next Tarot reading will be for June on June 1st and be posted on the Crystal Caves Wise Woman Facebook Page. The Oracle moon readings and Healing Crystal Grids will continue weekly (and for solstices/equinoxes/cross quarter days) and be a main focus of the blog posts here.

Next blog will be for the First Quarter Moon, June 6th!
See you then!

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