June’s Monthly Forecast

As you will see I did something a bit different. I started a Monthly Forecast where the Crystal Grid and the Tarot Reading work together. The crystals in each circle of the grid correlate to a card in the reading, with the center Ogham Stave representing the whole month. Thought I would try something new and see how it went. It was a lot of fun to create! Looking forward to doing one for July!

Knight of Cups
“The Knight of Cups values the experiences of the heart and soul more than anything else. Consequently, he may seem otherworldly or unrealistic, but once understood, his motivations are easy to see. He needs to feel something in his heart or be moved by it in his soul for it to be true or worthy of his attention. He is dreamy and romantic and slow to take action, being more inclined to take time to savor the moment. He would rather enjoy the journey than rush to a destination. He’d actually rather wander about than plot a course to anywhere specific.”

Use this time to just be in the moment. Enjoy each day as it comes and try not to plan everything you do. For many of us, school is winding down and summer break is just beginning. The rush of waking, making lunch and breakfast, sending them off, etc is almost over. Savor the days as summer brings on a whole new set of things to do!

Ace of Wands
“This card heralds an opportunity, one that will require swift and decisive action. There will be no time to think, no weighing of pros and cons. It will just be there, waiting to be taken. If it is not, it will disappear; the moment will pass. You don’t need to worry, though. This opportunity will resonate with a deep passion, and you will just know that the time to act is now. On some level, you have waited for, desired, and prepared for this. It is yours. Know it and own it.”

You’ve lived in the moment and now suddenly you’re being propelled forward into something you’ve wanted for quite some time. You might feel off guard at the suddenness of this opportunity, but don’t let fear make you hesitate. Jump in!

King of Cups
“The King of Cups is a person who has experienced the very best and the very hardest that life offers. These experiences reside in a heart shaped for connection and creativity. He has the soul of an artist and the duties of a king. The conflict creates within him a strong sense of purpose. Life is hard, and our purpose is to get through it with as much grace and dignity as possible. Further, we must extend our hands and our hearts to others, supporting and guiding them whenever possible. He creates a family, by blood or by choice, to protect and aid, to nurture and love. Those who connect with him will never feel alone.”

The last part of the month you may connect with the person described above or be that person yourself. You’ve grabbed onto destiny earlier this month, and now you are reminded to reach out to others in your “family”. Be kind, guide them, nurture them. Maybe you find this person in your life and he helps guide you and nurture you as well. It goes both ways.

Card images and excerpts from Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Barbara Moore

The outer circle, June 1-10:
Hematite for Dreams, Contemplation, and Balance. Angelite for Calmness, Patience, and Faith.

The middle circle, June 11-20:
Red Tiger’s Eye for Action, Motivation, and Initiation. Sunset Sodalite for Stimulating the Mind and Connecting it to our Source Energy.

The Inner Circle, June 21-30:
Rose Quartz for Nurturing, Family, and Love.

Center for the entire month as a whole:
The Ogham Stave Edad or Aspen. Keyword here is Vision. It might be time to learn a new skill for accessing Otherworldly wisdom, or at least pay closer attention to your dreams or those moments when you receive impressions from spirit or your inner self. Be sure to use caution and discernment to tell what is real or illusion.

Next blog post will be for the First Quarter Moon on June 7th.
See you then!

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