First Quarter Moon for June

Pictured: Carnelian Skull for keeping motivated and on track with your new moon action plan. Angelite to assist with clear communication. Rose Quartz to help you get honest with yourself about the people and things holding you back from reaching your true potential. Clear Quartz for mental clarity.

First Quarter Moon Intuitive Guidance

Card images and excerpts from The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

“The Hathors are here to remind you that you’re a child of the Cosmic Mother and you’re being called to be held by her deep, never-ending love and embrace.”

“Lightworker Starseeds are mission and purpose oriented. Many have the feeling that time’s running out and there’s something they came here to do, create, or contribute. They’re here to grow as souls individually and also to contribute to the planet in some action-oriented way. Until they remember their collective mission, it can feel as if something’s missing or that they’re forgetting something important. They also feel ‘different’ and may dim their light to fit in or staying in a ‘spiritual closet’.”

“You’re more protected than you can imagine. It’s safe to open the back of your heart. You’re being called to be open to receiving a new level of support now – from those in your life and from the benevolent beings you’re connected with.”

This message is one of love and support. A warm, nurturing, motherly embrace goes along with the feeling of protection of an older brother. You have the support you need to get out of that ‘spiritual closet’ and be the light you’re meant to be. You are safe and supported to journey forth and discover what it is you are to contribute to the planet so you no longer feel like you’re forgetting something important or like you’re frantically trying to find purpose before its too late.

June Monthly Forecast Tarot & Crystal Grid

As you saw I did something a bit different. I started a Monthly Forecast where the Crystal Grid and the Tarot Reading work together. The crystals in each circle of the grid correlate to a card in the reading, with the center Ogham Stave representing the whole month. Thought I would try something new and see how it went. It was a lot of fun to create! Looking forward to doing one for July! To see it, please go to the June’s Monthly Forecast blog post!

Homestead Happenings

This week began with lovely weather in the mid to upper 70’s and plenty of work on the Homestead which you can read about in the blog post June Already!!! on Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead.

Going forward, the blog posts will be broken down and happen a little more often. The monthly and yearly readings will have their own post instead of hitching a ride on the moon phase or solar phase posts.
Next blog post will be for the Full Rose/Strawberry Moon on June 14th.
See you then!

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