Last Quarter Moon in June 2022

Crystal Healing Grid

“Keywords for this grid are: compassion, epiphany, independence, oneness, solitude, strength.”

Around the outside and into the middle is Clear Quartz for mental clarity which can help with an important epiphany about your role in the world. On the left is a Peach Moonstone palm stone with a feminine energy for receptivity and intuition. The center is a Pyrite pyramid with masculine energy to balance the feminine energy of the Peach Moonstone and encourage independence. On the right is a Rhodochrosite palm stone to help keep you in tune with love and compassion.

Excerpt and inspiration from the Cosmic Crystals book by Ashley Leavy

Intuitive Guidance

A Blessing of Protection

“A blessing to shield and safeguard you against harsh circumstances, people, weather.”

A Blessing to Bring Prosperity

“A blessing for you, so that you will always have enough to support you and see you thrive.”

A Blessing on a New Venture

“A blessing to set direction, awaken determination, and establish a path through the unknown adventure ahead.”

Harsh circumstances have led you to a new venture that shows promise in helping you thrive.

Card images and excerpts from the Blessed Be Oracle by Lucy Cavendish.

June Monthly Forecast

Again, in case you missed the blog for the Monthly Forecast, here it is:

June’s Monthly Forecast

Next blog post will be for the Summer Solstice tomorrow, June 21st.
See you then!

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