Summer Solstice 2022

Pictured: Stonehenge at Summer Solstice from NDTV.

Healing Crystal Grid

Center stone is a Pyrite pyramid for Abundance. Surrounding it is Rose Quartz for Happiness, Joy and Love. Next is Citrine for Joy, Happiness, and Cheer. Around that is Golden Tiger’s Eye for Joy, Happiness, and Cheer with Orange Calcite for Abundance, Good Fortune, and Generosity. Finally are Clear Quartz points for Balance, Ascension and Mental Clarity.

Intuitive Guidance

Card images and excerpts from The Celtic Tarot by Julian De Burgh

What aspect of myself is being illuminated this season?
King of Cups
“Hidden Strength, Wise, Diplomacy”

“The King of Cups is wise and understanding with a deep knowledge of the world. He is also a caring, sincere individual who responds to the need of others. He is a good counselor, a healer who stays calm under pressure. Others turn to him for advice because they know his intuition is second to none. The guidance he gives will, if followed, offer the correct path to take. He is tolerant of views that are different from his own and is not easily shocked. This person moves forward carefully, considering each move he has to make.”

This season is illuminating your wisdom and ability to consider each move you make carefully. Tolerance and being calm under pressure are important aspects at this time.

What area of my life needs the healing power of the sun?
Three of Wands
“Consolidation, Co-operation, The first stages of making new ideas work.”

“This card shows a creative blending of energy. It represents the movement of ideas from the initial conception of the Ace and the planning stage of the Two to the point where action is now beginning to take place. It shows that there is co-operation from others, or that others are willing to help you make things happen.”

Taking action on your ideas can be stressful so giving this to the healing power of the sun and asking for help from friends is something you should pay attention to.

What energy do I need to conserve right now?
Princess of Pentacles
“Self-discipline, A reliable person, News about money.”

“The image of the Princess of Pentacles is that she is a reliable person who is not easily distracted from her course of action. This card suggests good news about money, or perhaps a new job. Now is a good time to start a new job or change direction. You may be under the influence of someone who has a good sense of business or finance. Or you may have recently come into contact with a serious young person who is likely to succeed in achieving her goals and aspirations. It can also indicate the development of a relationship to a more secure level.”

Money or a new job is coming your way due to your self-discipline. Conserving your energy for this coming venture and letting go of that which doesn’t serve you as you move forward is your next step.

How can I support the abundance appearing in my life?
Two of Swords
“Delicate balance, Indecision, Conforming”

“It is now the right time to make a decision, yet there is a sense of being caught between a rock and a hard place. You are torn by indecision; you are unsure whether or not you are ready to face certain issues that need to be faced. You may also feel you have reached and impasse and do not know which way you should proceed.”

Your fear in making the wrong decision isn’t going to support the abundance appearing in your life. If it feels light, it’s the right decision, if it feels heavy, you may need to rethink it.

How can I celebrate this time of warmth and positivity?
The Chariot
“Controlling a situation, Strength of one’s conviction, Dedicated to a cause”

“The Chariot represents challenge. There is a need to remain focused and keep emotions in check. You may find yourself being pulled in two different directions when having to deal with a particular issue. You always try to overcome obstacles through perseverance and strength of will. You need to take control, harness your energy and apply it wisely. That combined with your usual search for excellence means that success can be achieved.”

Celebrate this time of warmth and positivity by staying dedicated to a cause and have strength in your convictions. Take control and harness your energies into that search for excellence.

How can I embrace my femininity?
Five of Pentacles
“Financial troubles, Poverty, Loneliness”

“The five of Pentacles augurs a time of financial troubles, poverty and loneliness. It can indicate the loss of a job, or loss of money, which may or may not have serious consequences. It can also indicate loneliness in a relationship. You have a sense of being alone, even when in company. This may be due to a lack of communication, either physical or emotional.”

Financial troubles happen to the best of us at some point in our lives. Opening the lines of communication with those close to you will help you nurture yourself and heal. Femininity is about nurturing and support. Give yourself this time to do that for YOU and be open to help from those closest to you. If you don’t speak up, they can’t know your struggles.

What is being marked for me at this midpoint of the year?
Ten of Swords
“Ruin, Failure, Disaster”

“This card indicates that you feel that you are being mistreated in some way; you are either being abused verbally, or someone may be stealing from you. The Ten of Swords can often represent the total end of a situation or relationship, or the collapse of a business. You may have in some way brought yourself to this point by mismanagement or attitudes that were out of touch with the reality of the situation. It is time to surrender and allow necessary change to take place.”

This is a challenging time for you but know that success is on the horizon, you just have to rip off the band-aid and start fresh. The previous cards have shown you how you can succeed, so take heart and you will get there.

What is something I’ve worked hard to accomplish that I can be proud of?
Six of Pentacles
“Prosperity, Success, Promotion”

“The Six of Pentacles suggests success in business, a job promotion or a step forward in your career. It can also indicate that finance becomes available to start a business, or buy a new home. Your hard work and effort are now beginning to pay off. It also indicates that success is gained through sharing or joining with others to make a combined effort.”

Once you get through the challenges you face currently, you should be proud that you made it through and your financial troubles are behind you. Your hard work is paying off. You’ll learn much this season and be able to put it into action. Congratulations!

Next blog will be the New Moon, Tuesday, June 28th.
See you then!

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