New Moon 6/28/22

Pictured: Rainbow Moonstone, Black Moonstone, Rhodonite and a Golden Tiger’s Eye below. Read the Healing Crystal Grid to find out more about why these crystals are appropriate for the New Moon energies!

Healing Crystal Grid

Center stone is Smokey Quartz for bringing in Blessings. Surrounding it is Green Aventurine for Manifestation. Angelite is for calling in your angels and guides to protect you (this is also a stone for the moon being in Cancer at this time). The Clear Quartz is bringing in New Beginnings and Mental Clarity. With it is Golden Tiger’s Eye for helping you get laser-focused with your intentions and what you want to invite into your life. Bottom left is Rainbow Moonstone for overcoming negative thought patterns or self-limiting beliefs that may creep into your head during the intention setting process. It also enhances your intuition and psychic skills. Bottom right is Rhodonite to help you focus on how you want to feel and creating a positive feeling for yourself. Top is a Black Moonstone to create a quiet mental space to turn your attention inward to see what’s most needed in your life.

Some of the info provided is from the book, Cosmic Crystals by Ashley Leavy.

Intuitive Guidance

Card images and excerpts from the Fairy Wisdom Oracle Cards by Amy & Nancy Brown

The Balancing Act

“Sit back and review what you have put on your Plate. Are you overworking or underworking? Strive for balance between work and play and honor your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Weed out whatever no longer serves your highest good. Enjoy your life and live it in the now. Strive for balance in all that you do. Just take a deep breath, release it, and sense the calm enfolding you…this is the peace of balance.”

During the time of the New Moon is always a good time to evaluate what you have going on and what you want to make happen. Making sure there is balance in your plans will make for more enjoyable pursuits and keep you feeling less stress!

The Air Element

“Feel the wind on a blustery day, as it blows directly into your face and whips your hair into a backward stream. Notice what it feels like as it hits the different areas of your body. Feel how it’s current moves around your body and blows your clothing about. Hear it! Sometimes it seems as if the winds voicing to you a stream of words as it roars past you. There is a mighty presence in the air…a great force. You can feel it as you brace yourself for its impact. This power is there for you to harness.”

Harnessing the power of the air element as you manifest your plans during the new moon energies will help bolster them forward. The wind currants will take you where you want to be if you just grab on and enjoy the ride!

Thinking of You

“Have you ever been thinking of someone just as the phone rings, only to find that they are the one calling you? Life presents many such examples of synchronicity to us. There us no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and synchronicity happens more often when we are strongly grounded within ourselves. When we’ll grounded we have a strong connection to everything in our universe. These connections help to put us in the right place at the right time.”

Being grounded during New Moon energies will help bring about many things that may seem like a coincidence. Knowing there is no such thing as coincidence will help you realizing these things are happening for a reason and are propelling you toward your goals. Pay attention to the little things as well as the big.

June Monthly Forecast

This is the last few days of the June Forecast before we welcome July in!

June’s Monthly Forecast

Next blog post will be on July 1st for the July Monthly Forecast using the Nature Spirit Tarot.
See you then!

The Nature Spirit Tarot and its paired oracle deck, Enchanted Blossoms for personal readings. Message me on this page for more info!

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