Forecast for July 2022

Pictured: Fireworks for Independence Day found here.

Intuitive Guidance

Card images and excerpts from the Nature Spirit Tarot by Jean Marie Herzel.

July 1-10

Two of Cups with Rose Quartz

“New relationship, a partnership, sharing, communicating at a deeper level, or becoming aware of the unity in all of nature.”

“Red and white roses presented together represent two united souls. Intertwined roses represent an emotionally strong union that connects and creates a harmonious partnership. “

“Pacific Tree Frog symbolizes serenity and emotional healing. Symbolically the frog transcends duality and therefore can guide us to a clearer sense of right relationship.”

“Small Mayfly only live a few hours or days at maturity. During this brief, exalted maturity is when they find their partner and mate.”

The first 10 days of July have to do with partnerships, either romantic, friends, business, or with ourselves or our environment. You will get a clear sense of a deeply emotional relationship that creates a harmonious partnership. This feels very much like a friend or romantic union. Keep Rose Quartz near you for love, friendship, and emotional unions

July 11-20

Temperance with Fluorite

“Temperance suggests that we take what is at hand, the old and the new, and blend them to create something unlike anything before.”

“Great Blue Heron represents inner stillness, balance, and self-reflection. It also symbolizes a clear depth of thinking, intelligence, and a calm reliance on inner guidance.”

“Cowslip has become a symbol of divine beauty, healing, divinity, and discovering the mysterious treasures of the heart.”

“Common Reed was believed to be symbolic of health, harmony, and growth. The reed is also a symbol of finding your purpose in life and of the journey inward to find the key to healing that dwells in the depths of our inner being.”

“Goldfish are a symbol of luck and good fortune. They are an auspicious symbol of overcoming obstacles. They transmute the flow of events into their most positive outcome. “

“Fluorite is symbolic of the highest aspect of the mind, as it is attuned to the spirit, and of the ability to integrate inner knowledge and wisdom.”

The next 10 days are about blending old and new, creating something new, and using that inner knowledge and wisdom to find your life purpose and propel it forward to its most positive outcome. With the new partnerships being the theme from the previous 10 days, you may be taking the good you’ve learned from old partnerships and weaving it into a new and better one now. In business, maybe you found just the right partner and together you blend what you’ve learned and done before with new ideas to create this new plan! Keep Fluorite with you during this time to help with getting in tune with your inner knowledge and wisdom.

July 21-31

Knight of Swords with Garnet

“There is no obstacle too great to overcome. Meet challenges head on and take action.”

“Greater Roadrunner symbolizes speed, mental agility, and taking action.”

“Beavertail Cactus symbolizes bravery, endurance, and grandeur.”

The final 11 days of the month show a certain kind of confidence in your plan forward. You are determined to succeed no matter what obstacles stand in your way. You aren’t about to let challenges go unanswered, you’re going to meet them head on and get them sorted out before they create more difficulties. Keep Garnet, or another red stone, near you to help with taking action.

For personal readings, I pair the Nature Spirit Tarot with the Enchanted Blossoms Oracle cards. If you’re interested in readings or want to learn more about what they are, please go to the Intuitive Guidance section of the website.

Next blog post will be for the First Quarter Moon on Wednesday, July 6th.
See you then!

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