First Quarter Moon for July 2022

I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.

Steve Maraboli

Healing Crystal Grid

Center stone is Rainbow Fluorite for clear thinking and clarity to your role in projects, relationships, or social groups. Surrounding it is White Moonstone to reinforce the progress you’ve made since the New Moon. Next we have Rose Quartz whose gentle support helps you face the truth, about what’s holding you back, with an open heart and mind. The Angelite sharing this circle assists with clear communication in asking for support, patience, and healing when needed. Next we have Orange Calcite to keep you motivated with the plans you started on the New Moon. Clear Quartz Points surround the grid to lend mental clarity and integration of your plans.

Some of the meanings for the stones come from the Cosmic Crystals book by Ashley Leavy

Intuitive Guidance

A slightly different spread incorporating Tarot and Oracle cards.

It’s time to let go of your anxiety and worry using the energy of the gentle and non-judgmental peacemaker of the King of Water. He is a great mediator for the struggles your facing now. His gentle energies are going to help open you up to a great power you have within. Direct this power in a focused and purposeful manner to bring your goals to completion. The moon warns to not give up your power by being too dependent on others help, but to keep your own heart and mind open to the possibilities. The energy of the King of Water resonates with the First Quarter Moon in Libra also in that its a good time to negotiate a solution that pleases everyone involved in your goals going forward.

The Moon Phase:

First Quarter Moon in Libra

Keep Your Heart Open

“Are you too attached to someone, or perhaps to your current goal? It’s a wonderful thing to care deeply; however, if you start to smother the person or situation you love, you could run into trouble. Work with others as you move towards your goals, but don’t become so dependent that you give away your power. Keep your heart open. This card can also suggest that its time to negotiate something, and the way to manifest your goals now could be to come up with a solution that pleases everyone.”

The Energy of the Situation:

King of Water

“Generous, diplomatic, fair, gentle, a good listener, non-judgmental peacemaker, mediator”

What to let go of:


“The woman in this card is filled with anxiety, worrying about something that causes her a great deal of discomfort. You may be experiencing a time of increasing stress – perhaps even a situation that you find yourself brooding about much of the time. However, if you’ll notice the scene outside the window, the storm is distant and perhaps even moving away. Whatever is going on, this card is telling you to release the worry and let yourself relax. Brooding and fretting never solve things, so trust in yourself and your process. When you live with a relaxed heart and mind, you’re far more likely to receive the solutions that you seek.”

What will come of it:

Third Chakra, Archangel Chamuel

“The powerful Archangel Chamuel is holding a beautiful sphere of golden light at the solar plexus, which is the location of your third chakra and the center of your life-force energy. The issues here revolve around emotions of desire and your personal energy. This card indicates that an increased enthusiasm is present or soon to be on its way. This is a great time to move toward the completion of your desires. Your life force is vibrating with power and resonance, and your soul is calling you to direct your energy in a focused, purposeful manner. This angel of power is with you now, so go for it!”

Next blog post will be for the Full Thunder Moon on Wednesday July 13th.
See you then!!

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