Full Thunder Moon in July

The Full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon, Hay Moon, and Thunder Moon, among others. This is the time of year when Hay is brought in, Buck deer are in their full antlered glory from now until they shed in the winter, and Thunderstorms are often plentiful this time of year.
The Full Moon is represented by Intuition, Fulfillment, and Completion. Keep that in mind as you read through the guidance and contemplate the Crystal Grid.
I’ve also done my first ever Oracle Deck Review on YouTube! I received my pre-ordered Ocean Dreams Oracle deck by Danielle Noel so figured, why not!

Pictured: Full Moon in Capricorn card from the Moonology Manifestations Oracle deck with crystals for the Full Moon. Top is Amethyst, right is Rainbow Moonstone, bottom is White Moonstone, left is Smokey Quartz.

Intuitive Guidance

The energy of today’s reading lies in the fact the Ancestors are trying to reach you. They have a message for you. Take time to pay attention to what you see, hear, or feel. Be sure to thank them for the message as they are here to guide and support us on life’s journey.
You will need the quiet power of strength to get through what may be challenging or worrying you today. The Ancestors have your back so don’t feel like you’re going through this alone.
The Ancestors also want you to seek new horizons. Maybe you’re not on the path that’s meant for you and therefore they are nudging you back onto it. Maybe you have something new coming into your life and need Strength to manifest it.
Today’s moon phase suggests you need to do a reality check. Stop worrying as it doesn’t help. You have hit a roadblock so will need extra effort put into your manifesting work.
You will manifest your goals, you just need to put in a lot of effort right now to get there. Listen to the Ancestors, use your innate strength to get through this roadblock, and know new horizons are before you.

Healing Crystal Grid

Center stone is Rainbow Moonstone for staying in the flow of the lunar cycle all year long. Around it are White Moonstone for manifesting what you desire. Next is Amethyst to help decipher messages and information you receive. With it is Smokey Quartz to help with grounding, ancient wisdom, and connecting with the ancestors. The Bloodstone in the next circle is for manifesting, while the Red Tiger’s Eye with it lends strength and stability. The final circle contains Orange Calcite, also for strength but also for success, placed with the Red Tiger’s Eye to help amplify strength. The Clear Quartz Points are placed by the Bloodstone to amplify manifestation and mental clarity..

First Ever Deck Review

I need to do better, buy decided to try a new deck review outside in the trees. Unfortunately the light wasn’t the greatest so the camera kept unfocusing. Next time we may have to do them indoors or set up a light.

Next blog post will be for the Last Quarter Moon on Wednesday, July 20th.
See you then!

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