Taking a Break

As you probably saw, there wasn’t a blog post for the Last Quarter Moon this week. I decided to take a break from making those blog posts for now. I may come back to it at a later date or just make them a monthly blog instead. I need to think about it. It was starting to become stressful and feeling heavy. Time to change things up and move on. I still do readings for myself, but I’m not taking care of myself enough. I give myself to everyone else and need some time off.

I will continue to update everyone of life on the homestead over at Hollow Hills Ranch & Homestead. Please feel free to follow my blog over there if that interests you! We raise Katahdin and St Croix Hair Sheep (don’t need shearing) and are in the process of easing out of the Katahdins due to my shoulder injury and needing easier, lighter weight sheep. We have lots of Chickens! We will be raising Swedish Flower Chickens to sell and also have a mixed flock of Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Americauna, Olive Eggers, Dominant Copper, and Light Brahma Chickens. We are working toward turning the orchard into a Food Forest and raised bed Garden area with the Chickens, hoop houses, etc. This will be a huge ongoing project as money and time allows. I will be learning how to make different herbal remedies for use on the homestead and at some point may have some that I sell as well. We spend a lot of time in nature and live on property that includes a small forest and creek and live fairly close to a big river and spend time out there too. We love to travel to other wild areas and will share stories from those places as they happen. I have a love of learning survival skills both for wilderness survival and for when disasters happen. I love science, especially the weather, space, and wildlife. Any of it will be on the blog at any time.

Here is a sample of the blogs over there:

Taming the Jungle

Hope to see you over there! And hope to find a way to do this blog that makes me feel light and happy!


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