The Mystic

I wouldn’t call myself a pagan really as I don’t really follow along with worshipping dieties. I’m rather Agnostic to be fair. I am very open minded and believe there is so much we don’t understand. We are all part of the universe, I believe in the Otherworld and the Fae, I believe in the energies in Nature and I believe ancient cultures understood far more of this than we do at this point in time.

I have been fascinated by the history of my ancestors for as long as I can remember. I’ve studied the Celtic culture/folklore/mythos for many years and more recently have begun taking an interest in the Scandinavian side of things. After all, you can’t have ancestors from Ireland/Scotland/England without a Scandinavian influence. Even some of the Normans had Scandinavian in their blood (ancestors of William the Conqueror). Interestingly some of the Russian bloodlines also trace back to these “Vikings”. I also have an interest in the various waves of inhabitants of England/Scotland/Ireland. I’ve studied maps of the invasions and watched many documentaries on the subject. Also whenever I watch something based on historical facts, I research them as I go to see what historians think actually happened. I kind of geek out on the subject for a while haha.

I have a huge interest in all things Celtic, obviously. I’m a member of OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids) and have recently finished the Bard level and hope to be accepted into the Ovate level soon. I love the nature spirituality/philosophy and the ties to my Celtic ancestors.

I have studied with a group in Salem that works to develop intuitive gifts and understanding how spirit communicates with us. Reading Tarot and other divinatory tools is something we did regularly in our classes. As a result, I still love cartomancy (tarot and oracle cards) as well as casting runes/ogham/stones, and from time to time do fire gazing or scrying.

I do have my credentials of ministry from the Universal Life Church so I’m covered in my spiritual things I do.