Taking a Break

As you probably saw, there wasn't a blog post for the Last Quarter Moon this week. I decided to take a break from making those blog posts for now. Please read on to see what other things I have going on! Enjoy! Amy

Full Thunder Moon in July

The Full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon, Hay Moon, and Thunder Moon, among others. This is the time of year when Hay is brought in, Buck deer are in their full antlered glory from now until they shed in the winter, and Thunderstorms are often plentiful this time of year. The Full Moon is represented by Intuition, Fulfillment, and Completion. Keep that in mind as you read through the guidance and contemplate the Crystal Grid. I've also done my first ever Oracle Deck Review on YouTube! I received my pre-ordered Ocean Dreams Oracle deck by Danielle Noel so figured, why not! Enjoy! Amy